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To get the advantages of McAfee on your gadget, you need to download and introduce the complete antivirus setup by picking an arrangement through the webpage ""


Product key activate and redeem McAfee | How to Renew McAfee Subscription?

Product key activate and redeem McAfee 

• To activate McAfee antivirus on your Windows computer, check if you have any security applications installed or do Install Mcafee Antivirus Software.
• In case you were using McAfee antivirus on your device, uninstall it by clicking the Add or Remove Programs option from the Windows control panel.
• You can also extend the subscription by entering the product key that you have purchased. • It will save the processing time taken to install a new antivirus software.
• You can follow both the Web installation method to register your product key and later install it using the CD provided.
• Pen the packaging and look for the Product or Activation key in the Quick Start guide.
• You should have a link where you can enter the Activation code.
• After you view it, open Google Chrome on your computer.
• Enter the web install link in the address bar of the Chrome browser and when the page opens, select your country, and then type the Activation key.
• If you have an existing account in McAfee, log in using those credentials when it prompts on the computer else, create a new one.
• Place the software CD on your computer’s CD drive and the installer automatically runs the process if the Setup.exe file does not run from the CD.
• When the End User License Agreement page opens, read and accept it to proceed further.
• At times, the McAfee installer prompts you to provide input.
• At that time, enter the Activation key that you have.
• Also, provide your McAfee Account’s username and password, and then continue to complete the installation.
• If you have any Mcafee Antivirus Issues repeat the steps again.
• Now, click on Finish and close the window.

How to Enable Complete Protection In McAfee?

• Power on the computer in which the McAfee software is installed.
• Open the McAfee software on your computer.
• Select Web and Email Protection or the gear icon.
• Click the Firewall menu. Push the slider to the right to turn on Complete Protection.  

How to Renew McAfee Subscription?

• Product key activate and redeem McAfee - Sign up to the McAfee account using your username and password.
• Your account details display on the screen.
• Select the Subscriptions option under the My account icon.
• It will display a list of subscriptions on the account.
• The expired subscriptions are listed.
• Click the Renew option for subscriptions.
• After renewing it, all the latest features of the plan can be used.  

Product key activate and redeem McAfee | How to Renew McAfee Subscription?

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